Learn Mindful Practices

with Leanda


personal practice of mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop inner resources such as clarity and stability. It can ‘wake us up’ to aspects of our everyday experience which we miss when we are constantly lost in our thoughts.

Mindfulness In the Workplace

mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness and its practice is becoming popular with corporations as they focus more on the well-being of their staff. Mindfulness enables people to be more in the present and work with more discipline and focus.


mindful communication

To be an effective communicator – you need to be mindful of your own thoughts, feelings and speech. Communication is at the heart of relationships. Mindful practices allow you to be more centred and more in control of your feelings.

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

It helps promote a genuine joie de vivre; the kind of happiness that gets into your bones and allows you to meet the worst that life throws at you with new courage.

“Mindfulness refers to the awareness that emerges by paying attention, on purpose, non judgementally to the present moment.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Life can be relentless, frantic and exhausting – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Peace is not external or to be sought after or attained.  Living mindfully, slowing down and enjoying each step and each breath is enough.

Peace is already present in each step, and if we walk in this way, a flower will bloom under our feet with every step. In fact the flowers will smile at us and wish us well on our way.